Higher level and degree apprenticeships are a new way to get into Higher Education.


Apprenticeships are all about helping you become employable, qualified and trained in a particular industry and role – giving you a headstart in your chosen career.

Relevant skills and work experience

Through an apprenticeship you will develop the real-world skills and experience you need for your chosen career.

Earn while you learn

You are employed and paid a wage throughout your apprenticeship.

No Student Loan

As an apprentice you will gain a formal qualification – in some cases bachelor’s or master’s degrees – without needing to pay student fees.


Competition for higher level and degree apprenticeships can be tough — partly because there are only a limited number of vacancies at present, but also because school/college leavers and adults already in employment can apply for them. Employers may also be considering applications from existing employees so you must be committed to the opportunity and demonstrate that in your application and interview.

Big Commitment

Studying for a higher level or degree apprenticeship whilst working lots of hours can be a challenge, so you must be disciplined and driven.

No Fixed Entry Route

There is no fixed entry route into higher level and degree apprenticeships, as there is with full-time undergraduate study, so you need to find your own way. For example, there is no fixed time of the year to apply, and it’s up to you to research the opportunities through multiple locations and websites. You have to research your chosen career and company, prepare as best you can for the application and interview process, and be ready to enter the world of work.

Living Costs

Although you earn a salary as an apprentice, unlike full-time students you don’t have access to a maintenance loan to help with day-to-day costs such as rent, bills, and shopping. You need to manage your finances independently right from day one. With a salary comes responsibility for your own budgeting — balancing your income and outgoings.

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